19 Apr

If you know anything about marketing strategy or branding, you know that there is no such thing as too much content. There is a not a platform that exists that could have Content Marketing means to be seen, be trusted, and THEN be bought.too much of your business and brand showing up on it. That's why big brands sponsor stock car races, golf tournaments, and marathons! So the first step in getting a proper return on ad spend, social media management, or commercial advertising production is to be seen as often as possible. [The next two steps are earning trust and then converting leads, but that's for another time, I suppose.] 

But for many of us, building content volume is the challenge. So how do we overcome the hurdle of cranking out content? Three simple steps, that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual content you make, but they work... I've built my career on these three things!

Professional Accountability

In order for proper accountability to take place, you need to have people in your life that you can be honest with about your business and goals. Those people are the ones that you are responsible to for the things you privately commit your time and energy toward, that the average partner, employee, and consumer do not know about.

Always ask, Who is in my ear? Who am I listening to?

Good accountability listens to you express goals and plans, has the ability to be louder than the voices in your head, and is a positive influence even when they aren't saying something that makes you feel good. My closest friends and most trusted business allies have the ability to pick me up, reign me in, and spur me on, without being negative or demeaning. Yours should too!

Invest Wisely

In the world of content creation, the vast majority of opportunity is free. Yes, zero cost. Writing blogs, building websites, starting social media pages, taking pictures or videos, posting all of that online... free, free, free, free, free, & free! It only starts to cost when you need assistance getting it accomplished, or you begin to branch out into the areas of content creation that require expertise.

So the primary investment for content creation is simply your time. Invest your time. Think through the central messages of your business, develop some ideas on expressing those messages, and then make a post. Set a goal for posting a certain number of times per week. Then do it! Make the posts. Respond to comments. Write blogs. And when you know it's grown beyond your capacity, then hire it away.

A major mistake in a business marketing plan is made when a business gives over its Brand Identity without ever fully understanding what it was to begin with. Branding is story, and Marketing is reputation... before you let someone else write your story, or develop your message in community or to audiences, take the time to invest in understanding your business and brand. It will save you so much money and time in the long run.

Messaging Builds Relationships

It doesn't matter what you do or make in marketing. But the minute someone connects with your marketing, especially ANY digital or online marketing, the become a connection. That rating on Google, the shout-out on their Facebook page, and the comment on your most recent post are all overtures of relationship. And businesses that build relationships last for generations!

My Dad worked for NAPA Auto Parts for most of my life. As a child of the 80's, there were no hashtags, likes, and commenting platforms for me. Instead, I had a NAPA hat and NAPA branded toy trucks. I knew who drove for NAPA in Nascar, and I even knew the Truck Series driver name. I could sing their commercials, and could spot a store or service center from a couple miles away, in any town in America. And that was important to me because that yellow and blue sign made me think of my Dad. Even today, the smell of any parts store or mechanic immediately reminds me of my childhood. And even though I don't really watch NASCAR at all, if I see some highlights, I root for the NAPA car every single time. 

Why? Relationships. I associated NAPA with my Dad back then, and still do today. He's been retired for years now, but the connection remains. That's just how relationships work. And the stronger the relationships we build, the longer-lasting the bond.

So make the posts. Build that content. Allow trusted allies to carry you forward. Invest your time and talents into branding your business correctly, and know that one new relationship formed could mean decades of repeat business, a loyal referral, and a local champion in your corner. So get to it! Create!

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