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Great Marketing begins with Great Strategy

Spark Strategies
Client-focused Branding and Marketing.

Our focus is on the work you cannot do, to get your business where it needs to be. That focus means we are entirely dedicated to your goals, your industry, and the branding steps that help you most.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

We don't offer packages for digital marketing or print advertising, and we don't sell our services like a traditional agency. At our core, we are strategists tasked with hearing you, assessing your needs, and developing a tailored plan to help solve your problems and increase your revenue.

Lead with Branding

Leading with branding allows our work to be consumer-driven, as we study how your potential customers make purchasing decisions. Most people and business buy because of price, brand name, and reputation. And Branding is Reputation! So our branding strategies pair with your business in real time, and the places that your ideal consumers navigate, purchase from, and invest in.

Since we don't work in labor costs and manufacturing, we focus our energy on the kind of Branding that can improve, rebuild, and reignite a brand's reputation.

Listening to You

From our focus on Brand Strategy, we have developed methods and techniques that encourage businesses to see themselves in a whole new light. First, our approach is completely about YOU. We take the time to listen to your goals and doubts, industry norms, and those things that make your brand unique and marketable beyond whatever your industry has always done. And from listening to you and learning your business, we get to work on the research and analysis that makes us unique.

Your brand colors, website aesthetic, and catchy phrases are all important, but they are not the most important. You need a team around you that is listening, learning, and executing. And that is what makes us the best.

Learning that Leads to Revenue

And this just works. We make businesses money. We get people exposure. We increase revenue for our clients!

From our firm positions on listening and learning, we are able to execute and oversee a wide range of marketing executions for all kinds of businesses, from professional sports and athletes, to small businesses and startups.

Brad Caldwell

Learning Your Story

It is not about what we do, or our services. Our focus is on YOU, and what your business truly needs in Branding and Marketing! Every business has a story. And the story of your business is where branding begins. So we want to know your brand, learn your business, and help you reach your goals.

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Marketing Strategy

If a Brand is a story, a Strategy is a plan for story-telling. Who needs to hear your story? How will you tell it? Is your story a novel, a poem, or somewhere in between? And, as a business, you have to know that the story-telling will make a return on your investment.

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Return On Investment

Great marketing makes money. It is really that simple. And as our marketing work with each client progresses, we constantly monitor revenue growth, opportunity gaps, and areas where marketing changes need to be made. We do all of this because your business grows organically, so your marketing should be flexible too.

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